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Bio-Well 3.0 Device New 2024 Model

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We have restocked Bio-Well 3.0, and the devices are ready to be shipped.

Bio-Well 3.0 Energy Monitoring Device
After purchase, you will receive a link for our orientation session to help you get started with your Bio-Well device.

    Latest Technology in Electro-photonics Featured on Gaia TV

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    Why Buy From Gaia Healers?


    We are the most active Bio-Well distributor and have created a global community around this science! We hosted the first-ever Bio-Well congress in the USA and have annual events in the United Kingdom.

    Bio-Well does not sell directly to consumers. Buying from us is like buying directly from Bio-Well. All warranties and guarantees are 100% valid!

    Nima is one of the top global trainers for Bio-Well. He has been researching and testing Bio-Well globally for many years and has completed scans on thousands of people. He actively works with inventors to test the effect of their products on the vital body.

    He received training from Dr. Korotkov, the inventor of Bio-Well, and is actively creating new technologies at Bio-Well in partnership with Dr. Korotkov. He has also learned from the leading scientists of our time, for example, Dr. Joe Dispenza, Dr. Greg Bradon, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Dr. Masaru Emoto, Dr. Nassim Haramein, and Dr. Rubert Sheldrake. He currently helps doctorate students to do scientific research to complete their dissertation. He can't wait to share his knowledge with you!


    "When you take your certification with me, you become a part of my circle and get access to a private community with many Bio-Well users and Quantum students. You will have access to private articles and research done by me using the Bio-Well. We will not be done after certification! Anytime you have a question or need guidance, I will be here to help."


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    Bio-Well is a revolutionary tool based on Electro-Photonic Imaging or Gas Discharge Visualization technique (Kirlian effect), especially for express-assessment of a person's energetic state. The scans' interpretation is based on the Acupuncture points concept, Ayurveda, and many scientific and clinical research were made throughout 20 years.



    Bio-Well has been developed by an international team led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov. It brings powerful technology known as the Gas Discharge Visualization technique to market in a more accessible way than ever before. The product consists of a desk camera and accompanying software. Accessory attachments are also available for purchase to conduct Environment and Water Scans. 

    Subscription Fee

    Bio-Well uses a server to keep the data on the cloud, so you can always access your data no matter what computer is being used. This also prevents you from losing your data if your computer hard drive fails. For this reason, we offer two different subscriptions. The first option is $20 a month for unlimited usage and the second option is $2 for 24 hrs usage. Most practitioners choose the unlimited plan! You can also get a discount if you pay for the full year.

    The Technology: GDV Technique



    GDV Technique is the computer registration and analysis of electro-photonic emissions of different objects, including biological (specifically the human fingers) resulting from placing the object in the high-intensity electromagnetic field on the device lens.

    A weak electrical current is applied to the fingertips for less than a millisecond when a scan is conducted. The object's response to this stimulus is the formation of electron emission. The electron emission stimulates gas discharge (glow) captured by the video camera and then translated and transmitted back in graphical representations for further analysis.


    The image we create in the Bio-Well instrument is based on the Acupuncture points concept and verified by 20 years of clinical experience by hundreds of practitioners with many thousands of patients. The scanning process is quick, easy, and non-intrusive... do it daily for the best results! Get real-time feedback on what factors -positive and negative - affect your stress and energy state. The Bio-Well Sputnik accessory measures environment and object energies too! Bio-Well is not a medical instrument. It provides an impression of your energy and stress levels and allows users to see their day-to-day transformation and the influence of different situations and stimuli. Friendly software makes data processing simple and convenient for non-experienced users.


    We work with different shipping partners around the world. We can deliver a device to you in your country shipped from a close region. We also have our own custom brokers, so you don't have to worry about dealing with customs.

     Return Policy

    We only accept returns on manufacturer defects.